My first tale

Hello there!
Well, a few days ago I joined a Facebook group of Science Fiction writers. They are called, epicly, the Science Fiction Romance Brigade. And joining in, I have to write! Nice, I love writing.

I have to say… I’m a Spanish student. I love English, but I prefer to talk in the language. I’m trying to do my best, so there it is: my first tale.

The first night I remember was in the dark. I heard the birds all around me, like a storm breaking the silence. When I opened my eyes, I saw the ruined city.
My head hurt, my body felt like broke in pieces.

No memories, nobody in the streets. Alone in that urban paradise. When I tried to touch my head, I found something strange… A metalic surface, like a metallic skull in the left side. I cried, terrified. But nobody was in the place to hear my screams.

“Hello? Can anyone hear me?” asked to the empty sky.

The birds were gone and I walked with tears in my face, trying to find something that could make me feel alive. It felt like hours, walking in the silent streets, the dark sky… I almost forget… The stars… They look even brighter. Like that light in the skycraper.

The stairs were infinite, but finally, I found the light. A human, like me, with a metallic skull. Scared, alone, desperate. But the most wonderful thing that I could find: hope in her eyes.

I hope you like it.



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